How to Plan Without a Plan

Copyright 2007 Brandy Sites

Copyright 2007 Brandy Sites

I’m a big planner. I spend hours researching the best vacation locations, the best places to stay, the best restaurants. Thanks to Tripadvisor, I have lost many hours of my life to planning.

I’m also impatient. During our honeymoon to St. Lucia, I was peeved that it took 20 minutes to get the dinner bill after asking for it. Where did I have to go? Nowhere in particular, especially since there was nothing to do but go back to our cottage. But that wasn’t the point. In America, we’re so used to fast (or at least faster) service. And it’s a very stressful way to live. I should have had another glass of wine to pass the time. Or two.

A few weeks ago, I traveled up to Mackinac Island with my mother. Going up there, I stayed in the right lane and went the speed limit the entire time (even in the many construction zones). And you know what? It was very relaxing and less stressful. I didn’t have to worry about passing cars, or weaving in and out of the fast lane. If someone wanted to get ahead of us, that was their problem and I didn’t let their driving affect me. We may have added a few minutes to our overall trip, but it was worth it.

Some may think that being a big, impatient planner is going to spell disaster for our upcoming RV trip. But I think I’m done living the stressful life.

So, after talking with my husband, I think we are just going to pick a direction and go (maybe we’ll let our 4-year old son pick the direction to spice things up). We are not going to live on timelines or itineraries. Sure, we will know which parks and attractions that we would like to visit along the way, but we won’t know how long it will take us to get there. So if the kids are enjoying the pool, we may hang around an extra day. Or two. The point is that we’re going to try and slow down.

I see this as a new way of living life. I’m kinda itching to have a change of pace.


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