Passport America

Copyright 2007 Brandy Sites

Copyright 2007 Brandy Sites

Passport America is a 50% Discount Camping Club. As of right now, they claim that over 1,800 parks are participating in the Passport America Program across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

How it Works

All of the parks are individually owned and operated, so it’s important to contact the campground (or look it up online) to see if you can just drive in, or if they require advanced reservations. When you are ready to make your reservation, simply mention that you are a Passport America member and membership card and save 50% off of the campground rates. (Space subject to availability)

The Cost

One Year Membership: $44

Two Year Membership: $79

Three Year Membership: $109

What You Will Receive

  • Passport America International 50% Discount Camping Directory (over 480 pages)
  • Personalized 50% Discount travel card
  • Decal
  • Free Subscription to the RV America Magazine (the official Passport America club magazine, a $12.00 value) with updates of new parks listed
  • Free lifetime email address
  • Plus access to numerous programs, discounts, and benefits created exclusively for Passport America members.

I briefly looked at a few Passport America-affiliated campgrounds, and they seem pretty nice. I’m sure the availability, location, and amenities varies from campground-to-campground, but glancing at the listings makes me hopeful that this is a club that we could really benefit from.

The Bottom Line

Low cost and commitment, but rich in campground availability. Most RVers state on forums that they make up their membership fee by using the service for just one weekend. At $35-40 a pop, I believe them. We will seriously consider Passport America for our upcoming journey.


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