The (Tentative) Plan

Copyright 2011 Brandy Sites

Copyright 2011 Brandy Sites

My husband, Ryan, and I have been toying around with the idea of going away with the kids for an extended period of time. I read a number of Family Travel blogs and it just seems like a great way to spend quality time with the kids while living a more simple life. Ryan’s cousin recently relocated to Switzerland for his job, and it has been so fun to read about all of their adventures. While we probably couldn’t afford to travel and live abroad, it’s exciting to read about all of the memories that they are making. And it makes me wonder what types of memories we could be making for our children.

The big issues holding us back from making a huge (1 year+) travel commitment are as follows:


  1. Can we afford for my husband to quit his well paying, stable job?
  2. How would we make money on the road?
  3. Would we be able to afford health insurance?

Method of Travel.

  1. How would we travel? RV? Apartment rentals?


  1. Do we have what it takes to roadschool the kids?
  2. Will the State of Ohio allow us to travel during the school year while maintaining a slot in the school system?


  1. Can we ever feel content about downsizing, and selling all of our possessions?

To test out this new concept of living on the road, Ryan and I decided to take a month-long, on-the-road adventure in 2013. We think it’s a great idea to test the waters while maintaining Ryan’s current job and our health insurance. If this ends up being a huge mistake, we can always go home. But if we end up loving it, who knows what the future will hold.


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